Used Equip 4 Sale


Updated Sept 2014.Telescoping Fume boards:  $1.00 each.California Style Baby Nucs for queen rearing, well used, no frames.  $1.00 each.Euro Style styrofoam baby nucs for queen rearing, nearly new, with frames:  $10.00 each.

plastic screened bottom board inserts:  $3.00


Inner Covers / feeder boards.                                                            $1.00 ea.


Still lots of these left.





Single Stack cart pallets.  Unpainted plywood.                                    $1.00 ea.


Spoken for…  SOLD!



Cowen Cappings Auger ….. nearly new.                                                $3,000.00



Cowen Cappings Auger—  Well used.                                                $2,000.00  SOLD!



Aluminum Loading Ramps for Trucks            3 available.                        $100 and up.

1 ramp left.


Contact Phil Veldhuis:  204 -735-2272.