Prose Assignment 2: Critical Review ‘Evolution vs. God’

Critical Thinking — Phil 1290 –Phil Veldhuis, Instructor


Assignment details: Prose #2, Class activity: ‘Evolution vs. God’.


Provide a brief (2 page max) critical review of the movie: Evolution vs God.

This will include:  (please footnote each of these required elements).


1. Exposition of the central argument (and conclusion) of the movie.

2. At least two reasons for thinking the conclusion drawn in the movie is false or unsupported.

3. At least two reasons for thinking the conclusion drawn is true or supported.

4. Identify at least two fallacies that are used in systematically or thematically.

5. Identify at least two strong or valid arguments used systematically or thematically.

6. A clear and argumentative presentation of your agreement or disagreement with the argument presented in the movie.

7. Share your draft with one other student in the class. Revise your draft at least once based on feedback from that student. Include that students name and number in an appropriate footnote where you express your appreciation for their effort.

8. Be present for the class discussion. Date: _________.


Writing a decent critical review is an important academic skill. You will offer a review of the intellectual content, not the entertainment value. All such works, be it text, art or film intends to offer and argument with a conclusion. A critical review identifies and assesses the argument.


You might disagree totally with the conclusion drawn, but your critical review would focus on the strength of the argument offered, not on your own views.


Remember the principle of charity; ignore superficial fallacies and flaws.

Recommended format: a decent movie review, by a decent reviewer. Your review should not be about the special effects, the budget or the background music. Instead you should judge whether this movie has a point, and whether the point is made.