Academic Honesty Page Text

Prepared for Phil Veldhuis:  Philosophy 1290



Academic Honesty Declaration


I declare that the attached assignment is wholly my own work, and that no part of it has been:

  1.  Copied by manual or electronic means from any work produced by any other person(s), present or pas, without properly crediting the original author(s);
  2. Produced by several students working together as a team (this includes one person who provides any portion of an assignment to another student or student(s);
  3. Copied from any other source including web sites, without properly crediting the original author(s).

I understand that penalties for submitting work which is not wholly my own, or distributing my work to other students, may result in penalties under the University of Manitoba’s Academic Discipline Bylaw and Section 7.1 of the General Academic Regulations and Policies in the Undergraduate Calendar.

I understand that penalties provided for under the University of Manitoba’s Academic Discipline Bylaw range from a zero mark on an assignment to prosecution under Section  362 of the Canadian Criminal Code.


I understand the likely penalty for plagiarism on this assignment will be a failing grade for the course.

I agree that successful completion of this assignment may require a verbal defense of my paper if requested.


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Submission Date:__________________________

Row Number I typically sit in:______________________(row #1 at front).