Phil’s Honey is produced in various locations in the western Red River Valley, and the southwest Interlake regions of Manitoba, Canada.

While a large portion of our crop is Canola honey, we also regularly produce Clover, Alfalfa, Sunflower and Buckwheat.

To get honey you have many options:

1.  St. Norbert Farmers Market Stall 88 (since 1991).  Every summer saturday.  www.stnorbertfarmersmarket.ca.

2.  Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative (HMLFI).  Farm and food products from participating farmers delivered to local buying clubs in Starbuck, Winnipeg and Brandon.

3.  BeeMaid honey:  Despite appearances, BeeMaid honey is a locally owned producer co-op.  Beekeepers throughout Western Canada own and benefit from shared ownership of this important market for quality pure canadian honey.

4.  Archie’s Meats:  Starbuck Manitoba.

Honey Prices:

500g Tub  -> $5.50





1Kg Tub ->  $9.50




3Kg Pail ->  $23.00

5Kg Pail -> $36.00

7Kg Pail ->  $48.00

15 Kg Pail ->  $96.00

Special Source Honey:  Clover / Sunflower /Buckwheat:  Jars only.

500g Jar  (Clover shown)

Clover and Sunflower:  $7.00

Buckwheat:  $9.00



1 Kg Jar (Buckwheat Shown)

Clover and Sunflower:  $11.00

Buckwheat $14.00


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