Fiddling has become integral to Phil’s Honey.  Timmy (my son) has been busking beside my Farmers Market Stall for many years.  This has become how many people find my stall. On days when Timmy can’t come because of other activities, I often am chastised by honey customers who walk by without finding me.

Recently, we have become friends with other like-minded families who want to encourage our young fiddlers to enjoy playing together. If you are interested in joining one of our fiddle jams then leave your contact info in the comment section below (I have the comments set so that they won’t appear publicly) or you can email me  or call (204) 735 2272.  The next fiddle jam is planned for early april.

Photos are from 2010 (above) when the premier visited our booth, and from 2005 (left) when Timmy first started playing at the market.  In the second photo, you can see he is sitting in front of his lemonade setup (the bar table and blue jug) which was his first business idea.  We had lots of fun with that too!

If you want to see Timmy Fiddling, he has a few youtube videos.  Here’s the best one so far…

2014 Update:  Timmy now plays regularly on the MainStage at the farmers market.  Check him out sometime.


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