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Tour of Phil’s Honey

I started Tower beekeeping after reading Robyn Underwoods report on line of her findings that this was a practical way to control varroa mite without toxins.  Click on the link above (tower beekeeping) to see the slides from my presentation to the RRAA and the BABA bee clubs on my progress so far.


How I use Thymovar:  a slideshow with some time saving steps for and effective organic treatement of varroa mites.

These are the slides I’ve added from a talk I do regularly on Bees and Ecology. Bee ECOLOGY

Here’s another one on




This is a close-up of bees being fed while inside the wintering barn.  The bottle is a standard Pepsi pop bottle (recycled of course) and a plasic feeder originally intended for feeding Quail in cages.




The solar panels on my wintering barn.  These panels heat fluid that warms the concrete floor, as it is pumped through tubing in the floor.  These panels are part of my efforts to produce honey sustainably.

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