Spring 2015

Spring 2015 has been a refreshing change from the last two years of damp and cold weather for April.

This year set a new record, moving bees out on the 7th of March, nearly 6 weeks ahead of last year.  The weather was so nice I couldn’t resist.  The bees that went out early were checked, fed and cleaned, then put back into the wintering shed when normal weather reappeared for a week in mid march.

This experiment now is proven successful as those hives appear to be excellent strong and healthy hives, several weeks of development ahead of other hives who either were kept inside until late march, or were put out early and left outside to weather the cold nights as best they could.

Overall, the hives appear strong and healthy with only a few hives exhibiting the dwindle and weakness that characterized things in 2014.

I’ve just finished the first round of careful checking and equalizing hives.  Each hive now has a viable queen and worker population so that all the hives should continue to move ahead.

Other beekeepers must be experiencing similar success, since my phone is ringing steady with beekeepers wanting queens to split their strong colonies.  I hope the weather continues to be warm, however a rain would be nice at some point in the next week or so.  It is getting dry on the land.

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