End of Summer???? Update. August 25th 2014

I’m doing computer work today since it seems almost too cold to go outside.

At noon it is 12 deg C with a steady drizzle.  After 6 weeks of hot dry weather, it started to rain last thursday, and hasn’t really quit since.

The spring season was also cold and wet, so the bees really struggled to build up, some hives seemed to be sick and either couldn’t grow or declined; about 60 collapsed completely and died out.

The field crops were also delayed by the cold wet weather.  The main nectar bloom didn’t really get going until about July 10th.  Good moisture conditions and staggered blooms meant that good nectar foraging persisted until about the 20th of August.

Although many hives were understrength they did their best and our crop is much better then I expected, perhaps even “average”.

Starting tomorrow, we will be taking the last boxes off the hive and beginning to prepare them for winter.   This will take about 3-4 weeks.  The last hives to be stripped down will be the 300 or so hives I’ve moved north to the Woodlands/St. Laurent/Lundar area to take advantage of uncut alfalfa clover that should yield well if the sun comes back out.



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