A New Year

Since all the bees came in by the first week of november i’ve been kept busy running the recreation center in Starbuck.  It has an indoor hockey rink, three sheets of curling ice, and and also serves the Starbuck Hockey Academy.

I’ve learned allot about ice making, and things are starting to become routine, but it is keeping me away from planning and organizing for next summer.  As well, I am back to teaching at the U of M this term, with about 290 students in two sections of a basic logic/reasoning course.  That will also keep me busy.

I did my traditional christmas eve survey of hives in the wintering barn.  They look quite content and satisfied with themselves.  I don’t see any major change in their health from the nice strong hives i put away last fall.  As the winter wears on, if the bees are infected with a virus or parasite, then they will start to show stress, by being more agitated in their behaviour, and leaving the hives will little provocation.  I’m not seeing that at all, so far.

There is more snow then in the past few years, which should help the ground moisture replenish from the extremely arid conditions of last summer.



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