Moving the bees in!

Winter seems to have come early to manitoba this year.

People always ask me when the bees “go to sleep”.  Actually, they never do, they just don’t fly.  Inside the hives it is business as usual.  They bees will use strategies of clustering and activity reduction to reduce energy and effort, but otherwise they are still fully active and alert.  Jostle a hive and it will soon tell you to back off, as bees come to the entrance prepared to defend themselves.

When we move the hives indoors, we use a little smoke to calm the hives, then its on the truck with the forklift and home we go.  I usually move about 150 hives each load, so 8 trips should be nearly enough.  By the end of october most of the hives should be in.  Usually i aim to have all the hives in by Nov 11th.  The past few years, I have been moving bees on rememberance day, and so have taken my minute of silence in the bee yard.



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