Summer Review

Well, the summer is winding down and it is time to face the reality that we are not having a good crop.  The weather was too hot and dry during the crucial canola bloom period.  When canola is stressed with heat and drought it does not produce much honey.

I’ve been busy moving hives from my home base area up to the western interlake region to try and get some alfalfa honey from second cut hay fields that are not going to be cut again due to the slow regrowth due to drought.  Past experience is that this is fairly inconsistent honey production.  However I have moved 10 yards (hive groups), (more then 400 individual hives).  It is raining today so that might help those fields produce.

Moving bees is done at night.  It is best to load the hives right at dusk, after the bees have quit foraging for the day.  Since it is a 3+ hr return trip, this has meant many late nights.  Some nights I did not get to bed until dawn.




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