Summertime is here

As of June 20th, it is officially summer.  This year, the date coincided with the weather, after a few cool and wet weeks, the summer heat is on.  This also coincides with the beginning of the Canola Bloom.  Most of my sites are now producing more honey then they are eating!

My hives look pretty great, although the smaller ones seem to have gone backwards during the long dearth during the cool wet weather since mid may.  I’m about 50% done building the towers for the tower beekeeping varroa method.  This is going slow since most of the hives are already well into their 2nd super.  So the queen needs to be found or forced into the bottom box, before the supers are added on top.  If this makes no sense see my tower-beekeeping page on this website.

The farmers market is in full swing.  It is always great to meet old and new customers every saturday.


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