100 Hives sold

I sold 100 hives today.  The buyers were guys who lost hives in the great flood of 2011 in the lake manitoba area.  I was pleased to be able to help them out.  I’m also pleased to have cut my workload by 100 hives, but kinda sad to see all those hives leave my care.  Its funny how you remember individual hives and boxes.  Certain paint colours and boxes evoke memories of past summers in surprising ways.  Goodbye my bees…  I hope you work as well for your new tenders as you did for me.

Now…  to look after the other 1300 hives.

Fortunately, later tonight the first Philippine beekeepers will be arriving.  They are part of a CESO exchange program learning about commercial beekeeping so that they can teach these techniques in the Philippines.  They will learn lots in short time ’cause we have alot to do.

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