Presenting Local Food Info

I did the first of several local food talks for community groups tonight.  This event was a lenten dinner at a Catholic Parish in West St. Paul: St. Theresa’s.

I presented my info on honey, and farmers markets and environmental issues.  I really talked up BeeMaid Honey, and later found out that Guy Chartier, CEO of BeeMaid is a member of the congregation.  I guess I could have eased up on that particular angle…

What I really want to say is that the second speaker ( Brenda Chapul-Saltel ) talked about the Catholic Development and Peace program, and in particular her experiences in Brazil. She reported that Brazil needs us to buy local too!  To satisfy our demand for off-shore products, the large multinationals to expropriate more land, clear-cut more forests, and access more water.  This is not what the people of Brazil need.  Many people are becoming landless migrants so that we can eat food from what once supported them.  I thought it was really cool that the two totally different topics ended up supporting the same conclusions.




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