Welcome to Phil’s Honey

A family business and a St. Norbert Market Mainstay for 20+ years.

Phil’s honey is now certified by Local Food Plus.  We are very proud of this recognition of our efforts at healthy and sustainable practices.

Phil is a lifelong beekeeper who first learned from his grandmother the thrill of understanding a hive filled with buzzing bees.  Since then, Phil has worked hard to understand both big and small questions.

Phil’s honey is based in Starbuck, Manitoba.  Phil has about 1000 hives producing about 250 barrels of honey annually.   The very best honey is reserved for local customers like you!

Beekeeping tends to be a solitary and contemplative business, so Phil has lots of time to think when working his bees.   As a result Phil leads a double life; in one life he is a burly beekeeper, in his other life he is a armchair philosopher.

Phil has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of Manitoba. His main philosophical interests are in the areas of Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Science. His Master’s thesis explored the idea that the honeybee dance language should be considered a genuine language, not just instinctual behaviour. Phil has been teaching various basic courses in philosophy since 1993.Phil, and his wife, Vona, have two children, Timmy and Jayna.Phil has bee president of the Manitoba Beekeepers Association, Chair of Manitoba Cooperative Honey Producrers and is the longtime president of the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market. 

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